“Pilgrims” or “Tourist” who we really are..!!?

13th day of May, 2017.

Long week and heavy workload in office always makes one nostalgic about Saturday morning! And finally this was one good morning with chilled, refreshed weather. Self-made tea mug in one hand, a wonderful book in another, sitting in balcony, sipping tea and reading book, what could be better start of the day than this..!!

One of the team-mate was getting married and we were invited. So we decided to attend his marriage reception in evening. We decided to visit newly constructed BAPS Swaminarayan Temple located on Pune-Bangalore highway, Katraj, Pune, before going to marriage place. We started around 5:00 PM in evening and it was really hot outside. Temperature was almost around 39° C. Sitting on the window seat in car, I was really missing my morning.

We reached temple around 5:30 PM. Evening time, good wind was really helping us to calm ourselves down over heat, despite of heavy sunlight. Architecture of this temple is just best marvel as other BAPS Swaminarayan Temple. BAPS temples are always spic and span, well organised, will have easy entry and exit, peaceful and lovely. Pune campus got leverage of serene as well. Small hills around, one lake is also nearby, and evening time visit will always help you to enjoy sunset, wonderful lighting of temple and “aarti” as well. There is also cafeteria near exit gate for those who wants to grab a bite.

There was one hill there, small but good enough for half hour track. One can go to the top of this hill with car or bike as well, but we preferred to track. It was easy to climb up but while coming down, it was dark and it was also difficult to walk on the very same path that we used to climb up. Large landscape would give you a wonderful look of Pune-Bangalore highway, a lake, some small houses built on the mountain and a pleasant sunset. This was the perfect time to witness beautiful lighting of the temple down there.

We were there as pilgrims, and all of sudden we were tourist. I think this transformation was easy in this city. This is why I like this city! You would be flabbergasted how nature has blessed this city with so many vivid landscapes.

We thought wow, this is amazing but this wasn’t really end. A full pack of surprise was waiting for us. All of sudden, It started raining! Scent of first rain was there in the atmosphere. And then suddenly, lighting was cracking throw the clouds and directly hitting the ground. This pleasant atmosphere became scary. Rain was still there but there wasn’t scent that we smelled few minutes back. It reminded me of the day of 2 years back and there was same kind of thunderstorm. On that day I managed to capture some of the lighting photos with my mobile. Here I am sharing those photos.

I am publishing this article on 29th May, 2017 and I have revisited this very same place on 28th May, 2017.

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