A cup of tea.

6th day of August, 2017.

Aroma of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) celebration is in the air and I got Rakhis of all different types on my wrist with the love of all my sisters.

On the way back to my home, at one of the heavy traffic signal of the city, I met this man. He was selling something to each of the car, impatiently waiting for green light. After 8-10 unsuccessful attempts, he came to me and said “he ghya” (please take it). It was fidget spinner. I wanted have one, but I thought, I will order it online. He again approached me, with a gentle touch on my shoulder. “Sir, he ghya. Spinner.” He gave me offer to buy it and the amount was lesser then what I checked online few days back. I thought let’s give it a try. A bit of negotiation and we agreed upon a price. I gave him money and bought it.

Now the story begins, next few words of his got my attention. He said, “Thank far shhapping”. What he meant was Thank you for shopping. A person who haven’t spoke a single word of other than Marathi language, in our conversation, thanked me in English. I was surprised. I asked him, “Who taught you this?” He politely replied, “My daughter”. I again asked curiously, “In which class she is studying”. He said, “She is in 8th class”. Now I was thinking, this festival is for everybody and everyone should be celebrating it. So I offered him the same money for which I bought my toy. The signal light was green and everybody were honking very hard to move me from my place. This guy told me to wait on the other side of the signal.

On the other side I waited for him. He came, put the money I had given him in my hand and said very politely. Sir, thanks but I can’t take it because I haven’t earned it. He took extra care not to hurt my feeling while selecting his words. Now I was regretting negotiation part that happened few minutes back. I requested him again to keep money for his daughter and he refused again. This time, I sensed that somewhere I was hurting his feeling of self-respect. So I didn’t push. I asked him to have a chai (tea) with me and he agreed. We had a tea on the nearby road side tea stall and started our journey towards our destination.

Lesson learnt :

-Sometimes it’s good to have a little conversation with unknown people.

-Don’t hesitate to try something new, something different. (Like he tried to speak English)

-Always, Always learn from others. Irrespective of thier age, designation or position. (He learnt from his daughter.)

-Don’t be impatient. (Like the people honking me on the signal.)

-Think before you act. (Like he did while refusing extra money.)

“Pilgrims” or “Tourist” who we really are..!!?

13th day of May, 2017.

Long week and heavy workload in office always makes one nostalgic about Saturday morning! And finally this was one good morning with chilled, refreshed weather. Self-made tea mug in one hand, a wonderful book in another, sitting in balcony, sipping tea and reading book, what could be better start of the day than this..!!

One of the team-mate was getting married and we were invited. So we decided to attend his marriage reception in evening. We decided to visit newly constructed BAPS Swaminarayan Temple located on Pune-Bangalore highway, Katraj, Pune, before going to marriage place. We started around 5:00 PM in evening and it was really hot outside. Temperature was almost around 39° C. Sitting on the window seat in car, I was really missing my morning.

We reached temple around 5:30 PM. Evening time, good wind was really helping us to calm ourselves down over heat, despite of heavy sunlight. Architecture of this temple is just best marvel as other BAPS Swaminarayan Temple. BAPS temples are always spic and span, well organised, will have easy entry and exit, peaceful and lovely. Pune campus got leverage of serene as well. Small hills around, one lake is also nearby, and evening time visit will always help you to enjoy sunset, wonderful lighting of temple and “aarti” as well. There is also cafeteria near exit gate for those who wants to grab a bite.

There was one hill there, small but good enough for half hour track. One can go to the top of this hill with car or bike as well, but we preferred to track. It was easy to climb up but while coming down, it was dark and it was also difficult to walk on the very same path that we used to climb up. Large landscape would give you a wonderful look of Pune-Bangalore highway, a lake, some small houses built on the mountain and a pleasant sunset. This was the perfect time to witness beautiful lighting of the temple down there.

We were there as pilgrims, and all of sudden we were tourist. I think this transformation was easy in this city. This is why I like this city! You would be flabbergasted how nature has blessed this city with so many vivid landscapes.

We thought wow, this is amazing but this wasn’t really end. A full pack of surprise was waiting for us. All of sudden, It started raining! Scent of first rain was there in the atmosphere. And then suddenly, lighting was cracking throw the clouds and directly hitting the ground. This pleasant atmosphere became scary. Rain was still there but there wasn’t scent that we smelled few minutes back. It reminded me of the day of 2 years back and there was same kind of thunderstorm. On that day I managed to capture some of the lighting photos with my mobile. Here I am sharing those photos.

I am publishing this article on 29th May, 2017 and I have revisited this very same place on 28th May, 2017.


It was 10th of April, 2016.

Even it was mid April, but the temperature in Pune city was quite normal as compare to other cities of India. It was Sunday and I was looking for something to do. While surfing on internet, I found out about this beautiful garden within the city. Osho Garden. Located in Koregaon Park area which is very prestigious area of the city. Well, doing something is always better than doing nothing..!! So  I decided to visit this garden. It was evening time, I kicked my bike, put on helmet and went for small bike ride within the city.

Something about this garden :

Away from the common din of the life in Pune, Osho Teerth Garden takes you to an altogether different world. Developed beside the famous Osho Commune International and the Osho Ashram, a different kind of serenity and solemnity can be breathed in the surroundings here. The garden belongs to the Osho International Commune and has been developed taking into consideration the teachings and preaching of Rajneeshji i.e. Osho.

The waves of mysticism and pantheism can be experienced in the surroundings here. This is arguably the most peaceful and beautiful place in Pune. You can visit this garden any time of the year, but Spring is undoubtedly the best time to come here as you can see loads of flowers blooming and blossoming briskly on the branches all around. Coming here early in the morning offers you a chance to experience the divine tranquility and utmost quietude. Those who are interested in meditation and contemplation come here early in the morning.

If you are in Pune and wants to spend sometime with nature in a peaceful and pleasant place, then this is the place.


It was the 10th day of December 2016.

After having lunch on the day of Saturday at home, friends want to roam at some NICE place. Then we decided to visit Singagad Fort.Total distance to this place from my location was 50 km. We started around 1:00 PM. With the help of google map, we reached swargate and then we realized that we don’t have enough fuel in our bike. 😛 Ya, we are careless bachelors.. 🙂 We found fuel station nearby very easily but due to recent effect of demonetization, it was difficult to convince then to take our payment via Credit Card. Well, at the end we managed to purchase fuel in some round figures and convinced him to accept credit card and the time was 2:15 PM till then.

Then our next stop was Khadakwasla Dam. Pune city technically ends here. Spent some time here with tea and wadapau. It was sunny day, half an hour was enough amount of time on this place.

Again, we started towards our destination Singagad Fort but before reaching there we got one point there at some height and one person was selling Linbu Pani there.Clicked some photos there. Ya, we had DSLR with us. I doubt our photography skill but when you have camera in hand, it is obvious that you consider yourself a skilled photographer 😛 😀

And finally we reached our destination Singagad Fort aound 4:00 PM. You can have a view of Pune city and wonderful natural beauty from the height of 1300+ m (4250+ ft). It was still sunny day so sun was shining with charm of heat as it was the month of December so this sun was not too hot at evening time with some wind. Around 100 steps and a walk on the top of fort helped us to kill 2 hours of time. Then the atmosphere was so pleasant that we didn’t leave from there till it was complete dark. We had Pithla Bhakri (famous maharashtrian dish) from local vendors over there.

It was well spent evening with friends and bike ride made it really memorable to me.