It was the 10th day of December 2016.

After having lunch on the day of Saturday at home, friends want to roam at some NICE place. Then we decided to visit Singagad Fort.Total distance to this place from my location was 50 km. We started around 1:00 PM. With the help of google map, we reached swargate and then we realized that we don’t have enough fuel in our bike. 😛 Ya, we are careless bachelors.. 🙂 We found fuel station nearby very easily but due to recent effect of demonetization, it was difficult to convince then to take our payment via Credit Card. Well, at the end we managed to purchase fuel in some round figures and convinced him to accept credit card and the time was 2:15 PM till then.

Then our next stop was Khadakwasla Dam. Pune city technically ends here. Spent some time here with tea and wadapau. It was sunny day, half an hour was enough amount of time on this place.

Again, we started towards our destination Singagad Fort but before reaching there we got one point there at some height and one person was selling Linbu Pani there.Clicked some photos there. Ya, we had DSLR with us. I doubt our photography skill but when you have camera in hand, it is obvious that you consider yourself a skilled photographer 😛 😀

And finally we reached our destination Singagad Fort aound 4:00 PM. You can have a view of Pune city and wonderful natural beauty from the height of 1300+ m (4250+ ft). It was still sunny day so sun was shining with charm of heat as it was the month of December so this sun was not too hot at evening time with some wind. Around 100 steps and a walk on the top of fort helped us to kill 2 hours of time. Then the atmosphere was so pleasant that we didn’t leave from there till it was complete dark. We had Pithla Bhakri (famous maharashtrian dish) from local vendors over there.

It was well spent evening with friends and bike ride made it really memorable to me.